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Study in Sweden.

Today’s ideas shape tomorrow’s world. Sweden has always been fertile ground for innovations in technology, business and social trends – from the pacemaker to the computer mouse, from IKEA to Skype. In our increasingly competitive world, Sweden continues to top world rankings for innovation.

5 reasons to study in Sweden

Welcome to the future. Welcome to Sweden.

*According to the U21 ranking 2014

Sweden leading the world in innovation

Sweden has a unique culture of innovation that has generated a number of life-revolutionizing inventions and systems. The pacemaker, the 3-point seatbelt, bluetooth, Skype and dynamites are just a few significant Swedish innovations that have made a difference.
Sweden and its companies, organisations and institutions continue to invest greatly in enhancing the potential for new innovations in order to stay at the forefront when it comes to both technology and an innovative mindset. This makes Sweden an ideal place to develop your skills within innovation, science and technology.

Sweden - short facts

Political system:

Swedish (English spoken by most people)
9.5 million
Swedish krona (SEK)
174,000 sq mi (450,000 sq km)
Parliamentary democracy